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The Haspengouw Tour 2016 was our fourth edition of the now well known belgian supercar event. We invite you to take a look at our aftermovie and the many beautiful pictures taken by our favorite photographes.


Big thanks to everyone for your support!

All the participants, photographers, enthousiasts, contributors, you are the people who made our day.


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- Have some quality time with your supercar -



Where we started

Our journey started at 9.00 AM at the beautiful Monnikenhof  Van Vlierbeek in Geetbets, where our participants had plenty of time to meet the organizers and other participants of the day. After a light breakfast we headed out and started this day full of driving pleasure.


The Lunch Stop

After a two hour drive, we arrived at the prestigious Domaine du Château de Modave. Where a delicious three-course lunch buffet was served. Once every one was ready to go, we started our engines and prepared ourself for a playfull afternoon deep in the Ardennes forest.

Our Last Drink

After the second and final part of our Haspengouw Tour, we finished at the Aérodrome of Saint-Hubert. This location being the odd one in the selection offered us their parking with a breath-taking view over the valleys of the belgian Ardennes. We enjoyed a last drink together while looking back to this day with a fantastic view till the borders of France. Cheers!

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Thanks to our good friends from Autojunior & HistoricRacingHD we are very happy to bring you our official aftermovies of the Haspengouw Tour 2016.



A small selection of the best pictures taken on the Haspengouw Tour 2016
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