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The Haspengouw Tour Classic 2018 was the first edition of this event! After organizing 8 successful events for the newest supercars, we've expanded our knowledge and organized our first Classic Car Tour! 



Start - Oude Markt, Sint-Truiden

Our journey started at 9.00 AM in the beautiful center of St-Truiden known as the capital of the Haspengouw region, where our participants had plenty of time to meet the organizers and other participants of the day.


After a light breakfast served at 'T Nieuwscafé, we headed out and started this day full of driving pleasure.

start haspengouw tour 2018
Lunch - Château de Jemeppe

After a two hour drive, we arrived at the prestigious Château de Jemeppe. A castle we visited before and are happy to visit again, where a delicious three-course lunch was served.


Once every one was ready to go, we started our engines and prepared ourself for a playfull afternoon deep in the Ardennes forest.

Finish - Dam of La Gileppe

Our third and final location was the magnificent Dam of La Gileppe in Jalhay, where we served a last drink together with some delicious appetizers.

The Tour took us on a 250-300KM long scenic route starting in the Haspengouw and ending in the Belgian Ardennes.

lunch haspengouw tour 2018


Thanks to Belgian Automotive Photography and CarspotterJVD we have some beuatiful pictures of our first classic Tour. More pictures will be added from other photographers. Enjoy!


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