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The Summer Tour 2016 was our second edition of the now well growing Belgian supercar event. We invite you as supercar owner to take a look at our previous event.

Summer Tour

Where it all started

This year we started at the beautiful Château de Vierset, where an exquisite breakfast was served to all participants. Participants also had the possibility to book a room the night before the event took place.

Our lunchstop

Our lunchlocation was at the amazing Château de Deulin. Where a delicious lunch buffet was served. Our events are well known for the superb food we serve to all our participants!

Where we ended the day

We finished our event at the wonderful Château Lavaux Sainte-Anne. Where the participants enjoyed a last drink and some snacks together while looking back to this superb day full of driving pleasure. Some glasses of Veuve Cliquot was served to all our participants!


Absolutely stunning work done by the very talented PIXED team. Enjoy!


Some of our favorite pictures of the day taken by Anthony Santoro Fotography & MGB Photographie

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