Belgian supercar events

Established in 2013 by young car enthusiasts, we are competing the be one of the leading supercar event organisations in Belgium.


Our most successful event - the Haspengouw Tour - has helped us specialise in high-end automotive experiences. In partnership with different brands, we now offer a variety of unique automotive events to provide quality time between the drivers and their cars.

Our goal isn't getting to the destination as quickly as possible but to organise a journey that all of our participants will enjoy and remember for a lifetime.


Events from this category are the ones that made us who we are today.


Our most successful event

- the Haspengouw Tour - is now one of the biggest automotive events in Belgium.

Check out the last edition of our Haspengouw Tour here


Since 2018, we are creating automotive events for multiple Belgian dealerships.

Our brand-exclusive events help dealerships form a profound relationship with their customers.

Check out the 2018 BMW ///M-Tour by DAVO here




Every year, we try to organise a model-limited gathering for specialty supercars.

These events celebrate the delivery of particular supercars in Belgium and are usually highly exclusive.

Check out our La Ultima 2020 here



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Starting in 2013 as a group of young car enthusiasts, we decided to upscale our interests in high-end cars by organizing several exclusive car events. With a clear goal, to provide every participant an experience they will never forget!

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Dries Schietaert

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